Captain’s Log, 10.12.16

Hey guys, do me a favor. Please stop calling me brave for being open about my sexuality. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the gratitude for the ways in which I set an example for others to access their desires – I do! Very much so! But I’m realizing lately that being open about my … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 10.3.16

I want to share what’s been an important week for me on my spiritual path. Already I can feel changes beginning to happen in me and I want to share them as part of my transparency around my journey into this new self. This week I taught my first classes in magick and intuitive modalities … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 9.26.16

Ai is a red herring. We’re walking around in the most sophisticated technology ever known (aka our bodies) and filling them with Cheetos. I’m so mad. Legit. We’re directing all the energy externally when it needs to go internal. Reliance on tech is a distraction. I’m not saying technology is bad – it’s cool, it … [Read more…]

Coming Out As Not Polyamorous

On coming out as NOT POLY: I wrote a Facebook post last night on my desire to disassociate myself entirely from the poly orientation, then deleted (well, privatized) it this morning. I was writing from a place of anger and snark, and while there is room for anger and snark on Facebook, in hindsight I think … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 3.12.16

It’s difficult loving someone like me, because if I choose to love you, I will love and see and accept you for everything you are. This means you had better love and see and accept you too. Other people will let you keep up a facade. You will be able to spend an entire relationship … [Read more…]

Care, Support, and Who’s Showing Up

This new year’s I made a resolution to be more present with my friends. The intermittent reinforcement pattern of a previous relationship had turned me into a pigeon in a Skinner box on a variable interval schedule repeatedly pressing buttons in the hopes of getting a fix (English translation: someone was coming around only when he damn well … [Read more…]