Do Something Nice For Yourself

[CN: mentions of trauma, suicidal ideation] I’m sitting here having possibly just eaten the best dessert of my life. That I made for myself. I posted earlier this week about how my body was calling for me to eat healthier, local foods and how I’ve committed to creating meals out of farmers market hauls. But … [Read more…]

The Grief Of Growth

One thing they don’t tell you about upleveling into your next stage of alignment is how painfully it can bring up everything that’s not in alignment. When you call in new friends who show up for you and treat you well, it will make it obvious which friends don’t. When you call in new creative … [Read more…]

Let Go

This eclipse season, remember: There are 8 billion people on the planet. There will be friends who don’t immediately go on the defensive when they hurt you or make you feel lesser because they don’t understand you. There will be lovers who show up wanting to spend time with you without making you feel like … [Read more…]

Increasing Perceptiveness

I talk a lot about how The Re-Patterning Project gives its participants a comprehensive view of their human operating systems, allowing them to identify unconscious patterns and trace them back to their earliest origins, where they can choose a different option and release the unwitting grip their past has had on them. But what I … [Read more…]


For the coming month, the key concept I am focusing on is beauty. I don’t mean physical attractiveness, although that is certainly one form (and even that one form has many sub-forms). I mean beauty as an energetic vibration, as an energy that can be cultivated, carried, and expressed. Beauty makes space for darkness in … [Read more…]

Refeeding Syndrome And Foreboding Joy

I first learned about refeeding syndrome reading Viktor Frankl’s The Search For Meaning, his memoir of surviving the Holocaust. When concentration camp survivors were first rescued and released from their starvation, many of them suffered fatalities if they overnourished their bodies too quickly. Wikipedia explains the mechanics: “Refeeding syndrome is a syndrome consisting of metabolic … [Read more…]

What Is The Re-Patterning Project?

If you’ve been following my page at all, you’ve probably seen the deluge of videos and posts I create in the service of helping people gain understanding of their patterns and how to bring greater awareness to their choices so they can operate from full creative freedom in order to bridge the gap between where … [Read more…]