Captain’s Log, 5.10.18, Part 2

I just made a big scene in one of my favorite bars over getting harassed. And while I’m still processing it (literally this happened 20min ago), I think I’ve never been prouder. Oftentimes after I’m finished work for the day, if I have the night off I’ll go to Yard House and sit at the … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 5.28.18

Find what you love and don’t let it kill you. Take the knife from its hand and slowly turn the blade toward the ground. Tell it not to be afraid, that you are here and it is safe and you insist on peaceful coexistence. Slowly cultivate a healthy intimacy. Let it love you back. Letting … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 5.26.18

This came through today: Jesus Christ did not die for our sins. He died because they killed him, because he threatened the existing establishment. It was never necessary for Christ to die for us to be free. As he himself preached, “the kingdom of heaven is upon us” – ie, it’s here on earth, available … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 5.19.18

The short answer to all the cishet white men who believe that women and POC expressing anger means they are still in victim consciousness, aka my answer to two awful white men on a thread this morning even though it’s Saturday and I just woke up: “Yall on this thread (white cishet men) think righteous … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 5.11.18

I know this is going to sound crazy at the moment but I’d really love to teach seduction again one day. Bear with me. I don’t want to teach pickup. And I don’t want to teach seduction to anyone who hasn’t solved their issues, which means MAYBE I’ll make The Re-Patterning Project (or equivalent credential) … [Read more…]

The Re-Patterning Project

I wasn’t depressed; there was a flaw in my operating system. For years I had visited therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychological evaluators, and none of them seemed to know what was wrong with me besides “depression” and “anxiety.” I’d maybe have a breakthrough once every six months in therapy, meaning I was paying about $3000 … [Read more…]

Cooperating With My Body

On cultivating an energetic awareness of my body in order to maintain a state of flow as much as possible for the sake of maximum manifestation efficiency. A conversation yesterday between me and my body: Me: Body, we have funds to recoup post-album and taxes are due on Tues, we have to work today. Body: … [Read more…]

Magick In Its Essence

Magick, in its essence, is the understanding that in order to get something you have to figure out how to already have it. If you can hack that, then you understand magick. The trouble is most people can’t. Most people will read that sentence and laugh. “Well duh, if I could figure out how to … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 3.29.18

Hey guys. Watch out for anyone telling you the spiritual path or awakening process or twin flame journey “definitely” looks a certain way. While there are hallmarks and patterns of these phenomena, DO NOT let anyone tell you there HAS to be suffering, running/chasing, martyrdom, empath blues, separation, or pain of any kind. Yes, we … [Read more…]

The Healing Power of Television

(…no I’m serious) Recently on twitter a cosmic advisor I follow (@batshaahar) posted that things like meditation, breathwork, or positive thinking could serve as an escape mechanism just as easily as things like tv, social media, or weed. I agreed with her and posited that the corollary could also be true – that tv, social … [Read more…]