Captain’s Log, 5.28.18

Find what you love and don’t let it kill you. Take the knife from its hand and slowly turn the blade toward the ground. Tell it not to be afraid, that you are here and it is safe and you insist on peaceful coexistence. Slowly cultivate a healthy intimacy. Let it love you back. Letting … [Read more…]

The Re-Patterning Project

I wasn’t depressed; there was a flaw in my operating system. For years I had visited therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychological evaluators, and none of them seemed to know what was wrong with me besides “depression” and “anxiety.” I’d maybe have a breakthrough once every six months in therapy, meaning I was paying about $3000 … [Read more…]

Magick In Its Essence

Magick, in its essence, is the understanding that in order to get something you have to figure out how to already have it. If you can hack that, then you understand magick. The trouble is most people can’t. Most people will read that sentence and laugh. “Well duh, if I could figure out how to … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 1.14.18

Hey guys. It’s 2018 and the timelines are so compressed that some things are manifesting almost instantly. So this is not the time to be casting becky-ass spells, ok? Assume that everything you say, type, RT, or share will instantly come true, because right now, it might. “Men are trash”? Ok. “I’m such a hot … [Read more…]

Money Manifestation Magick

Secret, you guys? I often lowkey turn my nose up at a lot of the spiritual counselors out there offering financial advice through magical means. It just seems… discordant. Most of the people who are obviously good with money don’t seem to be using magick to manage it. However. I absolutely believe in the power … [Read more…]

Happy New Year, 11:11

We are in an 11 year: 2+0+1+8 = 11. The first day of that year, today, is therefore 1/1/11. Better configured as 11:11. So today we will have 11:11 1/1/11 twice, am and pm, within the day. 11:11am + 11:11pm = 11:11::11:11 11:11am 1/1/11 + 11:11pm 1/1/11 = 11:11::11:11::::11:11::11:11 This day also happens to house … [Read more…]

The Energy of Your Space

How’s your energetic relationship to the objects in your space? How does one have an energetic relationship to an object, you may ask. Let me explain. While I haven’t personally used the Konmari approach to space organization, one of my understandings of her system is that it recommends holding an object in your hands and … [Read more…]

Captain’s Log, 12.4.17

Last weekend at the Witch Haven retreat, we created sigils, carved them onto candles, and then lit them in a sacred circle we called in the park while a flock of geese slowly came out of the water to watch us. I decided to sigilize for “My soul mission brings me financial prosperity.” I just … [Read more…]